Leif Beiley F235 Lead Keel MK III
Improved Foil - Larger Bulb - Improved Stiffness  (
see Mk I here)



Goals include modern foil sections, improved drag/lift ratio, improved righting moment, improved pointing ability, more lead in bulb

  • Draft: 4' 7"
  • Ballast: 905 lbs
  • Fin: 640 lbs
  • Bulb: 265 lbs

 Leif Beiley was one of the first in the USA to design a custom lead keel replacement for the iron fin and wing Beneteau First 235 keel. You can see "Pegasus" in this very site with upclose pics of Leif's first lead keel on the boat as well as in line drawing form. I had a few others write me with interest concerning the keel design since posting the Pegasus. With the added interest, he decided it might be time for an updated keel featuring all he had picked up since the last incarnation. There were a few improvements based on testing on his own Bravura Sportster 29. The result is the new keel featured here. See the .pdf files which are linked at right as well as the graphic below. Leif's own comments are below as well.

This looks to make the F235 a far more stiff boat as well as providing better lift. The result should be the improvement on the handling and peformance of the F235 in everyday conditions as well as on the race course. In addition, I see the pointing ability as something GREATLY improved over the wing as well as a more moderate improvement over the rather crude stock fin. And it goes without saying, gone will be the hassles of dealing with the RUSTING IRON KEEL, a headache indeed. Lastly, I believe this keel does a conversion to more traditional keel studs and nuts, thereby getting rid of the "rusty bolts" syndrome that is common with Beneteaus of this type.
UPDATE 1/05: Leif Beiley of Bravura Yachts and Mars Keel Technology are now pairing up to produce the Leif Beiley designed F235 Lead Fin Keel Mk III as seen drawings below. The price for the lead fin is currently at $2050usd plus shipping & customs. See F235 Forums for group order info. They need FIVE orders. Sign up! Visit Beiley Lead Keel thread

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Leif Beiley comments on his new keel design:

We have finished the design for the new keel that so many F235 owners have been asking for. The new keel is a real departure from the original cast iron version as well as the last one I did ten or so years ago. This keel incorporates modern foil sections, slightly more draft and a larger bulb.

The entire keel weighs 905 pounds. By reducing the chord length of the fin we increase its aspect ratio, thus improving the lift/drag ratio. This also has the effect of putting more lead in the bulb so righting moment is also increased. In terms of weight distribution, my last keel was 85% fin and 15% bulb. In the new keel the ratios are 69% and 31%.

The overall result will be a boat that is stiffer but not heavier which will improve your boatspeed both upwind and downwind.

- Leif Beiley

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Beneteau First 235:
Worthy of upgrade?

Leif Beiley of Bravura Yachts

"As for the suitability of the F235 for upgrades, this is my opinion: For a boat of its size I cannot think of a better all-around package for a cruiser/racer. You are obviously well acquainted with the accommodations, sailing qualities and quality of construction so I will say only that there are few boats in that size range that equal the boat.

"For a boat of its size I cannot
think of a better all-around
package for a cruiser/racer."

The hull shape is quite modern and certainly needs no improvement. The waterline is long, the stern is wide, and the lines of the hull are very straight. If you changed the deck to look racier you could easily mistake the F235 for a much newer boat. The same can be said for the sailplan. Overall, I give Groupe Finot and Beneteau very high marks on this boat."

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