Winter Relief: Clearing the Cobwebs II
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Now the second installment of clearing the cobwebs - these shots were courtesy of Jenna Chervenic
who was riding along with Dave in Chloe, their F235. This, later in the day, the sun nearing setting...

Below heading out inlet with the south end of Wrightsville in the background. Sitting on rail. .

Drawing a bit closer, forward of winch now(you really need the 42" tiller extension for this). This brings the F235 bow
down just a hair and seems to aid in upwind performance. Having too much weight in stern is a problem for the F235

A bit closer. The unfortunate muck on my center waterline is from my dock in the last storm. Winds are around
10-12knts. While company and crew are great, I love soloing this boat too.

Drawing up alongside Dave's F235 to leeward. Despite the mediocre C22 genoa, this boat will move nicely if given
more twist and keeping TT flying back. I need new battens as these are too thick.

In between the last pic and this one, I had gone below to get camera. Notice I am in cockpit and boat is fairly
balanced still as weight is forward.

Sun is going down and we are tacking around in the inlet. I had just come from the opposite tack, and had turned to
sync up with Dave. You can see the circle of wake in background. Sun was amazing this afternoon...

A while later, and after Jenna had been taking shots of a following porpoise, she took this shot. This is heading into Shinn
Creek and the ICW. Dave's slip is down to the south off the ICW. I am sitting to leeward now.

After having come about back toward Dave, the sun on the verge of setting, now holding the typical boat to boat
yelling of a promise to do this again SOON. Now in cockpit and sails luffing a bit - boat balance still relatively good, however.

See more pics of earlier in day with Clearing the Cobwebs 1 - December 8th Cruise

Spring Blast  | 5-29-05: Epic Sail  |  11-06-05: Fall Day  |  06 March Madness  |  December Pics  | Dec Pics II  | Launch |  Trailer