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Gerard Corbino's "Little RUM" has some interesting modifications, including more jib tracks for blade use, surely a wise thing considering the F235 sail area. Another RUM mod is a custom aluminum bowsprit to run his asymmetrical spinnaker. Corbino single-hand's a lot and using the asymmetrical comes in handy. While not as fast dead downwind, the asymmetrical rigged F235 can really move in the broad reach territory.

Gerard comments on his bowsprit design:

The pictures don't show the pin I use at the back of the pipe . It's just a detent pin the slides in to lock the pipe to the baby stay pad-eye. The sprit is actually a 9' piece of sch 40 aluminum pipe I picked up at the building supply house. Much cheaper than tube with a much thicker wall section. I used to use my wisker/spinnaker pole until I saw how much it was bending. The clamps are stainless T-bolt exhaust pipe clamps. I have a dedicated socket driver I carry in my pocket to expedite removal.

I would love to switch to the 27.7 system, but Beneteau -USA hardly acklowledges its existence, and so far I come up empty handeeed in the search for its maker.

Single handing I've carried this rig in 12 knots true wind. My son and I carried it for a 16 mile run a couple of months ago in 16-18 knots true with the boat maxing out a 7.2. Kelly I'm certain its not as exciting as your cat days, but to get a baby ben hitting 7 on a run solo is all the excitment this old heart can ask for.

The rig really shines in the light stuff though. Allows for a deeper run than one might imagine because it brings the apparent so far forward. Without the sprit that slot closed down too soon.

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