Beneteau F235 Hatch Boards
Hatch Barrel Lock Key
Hatch Board drawing by LPockras

Note: The wood is 5/8 thick and the board top and bottom should be cut at angle of bulkhead.
Check Lock hole diameter with your own lock. Some report smaller diameter hole

F235 Hatch Board Barrel Lock Key

Many have asked about the availability of a replacement key for their hatch locks. Beneteau DID offer the blank at $18 or so if you want to duplicate the original square key, though current availability is unknown. On the other hand, you can also go to a locksmith and get a key made from the AP5 blank. It's probably a good idea to have a backup for obvious reasons. While it's not the classic looking square key, it works - nice to know we have this option. NOTE: Bring your lock and spare key along with you as the AP5 blank is not always a perfect match. Also, for best results, a real Locksmith is preferable to Lowe's/Home Depot etc.

UPDATE 6/07: Further sleuthing points to an even more close copy Stateside with the ilco DM21 blank.  The original key was actually a CAS-CISMA blank.  Silca makes a similar blank, called either a CIS1 or a CIS3.

Boudewijn Neijens made a copy of his original key in EU using a DOM 2C blank, part number 24.03.24 002 0. And ilco DOES have a similar blank with the DM21. The only difference with the ilco blank is I believe it's not as heavy a key (and is silver).


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